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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Tura Sugden

Light. Shadows. Changing seasons. The landscape of San Francisco is where Tura Sugden collects and cultivates ideas for her eponymous fine jewelry collection. Every element of every piece is made by hand in her atelier, from initial sketch to final polishing and everything in between. Stories are told and secrets are shared in each distinctive heirloom.


Launched in 2013, the collection includes limited production and one-of-a-­kind pieces featuring recycled high karat gold and natural, ethical diamonds and gemstones.


Inspiration can strike at any moment. In the color schemes of a sunrise or sunset. In the patterns or repetitions of nature. In the way shadows play on surfaces. It is here, with this mindset for creativity, that Tura Sugden begins to build the vision for each light, airy, feminine piece. As she works, a deep respect for tradition and a profoundly modern design aesthetic guide her point of view. She draws upon her experiences-seven years apprenticing and studying advanced techniques in Belgium, Maine, Tennessee, Kansas and California and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008.